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“Just Aircraft has a history of producing airplanes that can take off and land just about anywhere. Starting with the Highlander, then the SuperSTOL, and now the SuperSTOL XL, owner and designer Troy Woodland is focused on making flying fun. Read the story behind Troy and his creations in the April 2017 issue of Sport Aviation magazine”  – EAA Published on Mar 28, 2017

Flying A Just Aircraft
Trailering A Just Aircraft
STOL Competition
Building A Highlander
Building A SuperSTOL
Factory Tour
Plane Fun Days
SuperSTOL in Alaska

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SuperStol Videos

High-tech wedding in action: Bride Arrives at Altar in Just Aircraft SuperSTOL

Dan Johnson & Troy Woodland talk SuperStol at Oshkosh Dan Johnson & Troy Woodland detail the SuperStol aircraft at Oshkosh.

SuperStol near full stall landing Watch this ultra short landing of the SuperStol at the Just Aircraft factory runway.

A view from the cockpit A view from the cockpit showing the self-deploying leading edge slats.

Troy dropping in Troy Woodland lands the SuperStol at the Just Aircraft factory.

Another near full stall landing Troy Woodland smacks down the SuperStol at the factory.

SuperStol in Highlands, NC. Gary Schmitt shows us the amazing capabilities of the SuperStol.

Landing at the factory A view from the cockpit while landing at the Just Aircraft factory.

Highlander Videos

Highlander Goes Hollywood See the short video of the Highlander “crash” on the set of “Let’s Stay Together” on the BET Network.

Highlander Does Demo The Highlander lands at OTX.

Dan Johnson Takes Us Inside the Highlander Dan Johnson takes us Inside the Highlander at the Midwest LSA Expo.

The Highlander at Sun N Fun 2009 Watch as this light sport aircraft from Just Aircraft takes off and lands.

Highllander Highjinx Short field takeoff and landings.

Building & Flying the Highlander Building & flying the Highlander with a Jabiru 3300 engine & Sensenich 68×38 wood prop.

Trailering a Highlander Watch as the Highlander is taken from the trailer and in the air within minutes.

 STOL Competition

Valdez 2016 LSA Class – Just Aircraft Super STOL Win
Robby Pedersen’s best takeoff and landing from the 2016 Valdez Fly In. Flying a Just Aircraft SuperSTOL on new Ultralight Alaskan Bushwheels, Pedersen (no surprise here) took first place in the Light Sport Class. Props! –