The SuperStol

The SuperStol

A wing unlike any other. The SuperSTOL is the third product from Just Aircraft. The SuperSTOL sports an all metal wing aerodynamically designed to enhance slow flight capabilities while also increasing cruise speed. Additionally the wing incorporates self-deploying leading edge slats and long span fowler flaps to further improve the aircraft’s stall range. To complement the new wing we have installed a new landing gear system that takes full advantage of a hydraulic strut with a long distance of travel. The tail wheel also incorporates a hydraulic shock to lessen aggressive off airport landings. No other aircraft kit manufacturer offers a comparable airplane.

The wing slats, when combined with the large Fowler flaps, allow the aircraft to be flown at extremely high angles of attack permitting it to ‘drop’ into small or inclined clearings. This provides access to considerably more off-airport landing sites, making the SuperStol one of the most versatile backcountry machines out there. With the new wing configuration, the Highlander will cruise at 110 mph, land at 32 mph, and take off or land with as little as 150 feet of runway.

The SuperSTOL price includes the Highlander package plus the following:

  • Two 13.5 gallon wing tanks
  • Wings mated to the fuselage
  • 21 inch Tundra tires
  • Extreme brake package
  • Options:
  • Quick build wings $2500.00
  • Alodine coating $ 500.00SuperSTOL price sheetThe new slatted wing has significantly enhanced the performance numbers and slow flight control,” said Troy Woodland, design engineer. “This provides access to considerably more off-airport landing sites, making the SuperStol one of the most versatile backcountry machines out there.- Troy Woodland, design engineer. | – Source
  • See what others are saying about one of the most affordable high performance STOL aircraft.
  • SuperSTOL Price: $41,700.00
SuperStol Media

Experimental Amateur Built STOL aircraft Dan Johnson at Oshkosh details the SuperStol aircraft.

SuperStol near full stall landing  Watch this ultra short landing of the SuperStol at the Just Aircraft factory runway.

Troy dropping in  Troy Woodland lands the SuperStol at the Just Aircraft factory.

View from the Cockpit Vew from inside the plane showing the slats popping open and decent rate.

Gary Plays Touch and Go in Highlands Some touch and go video shot with a Contour. See original here.


Superstol camping in the cold

  • October 10, 2016

The weather hasn’t been super nice the last couple of weeks so when the sun comes out you take advantage of it. My brother and I piled all our camping stuff into the airplane, slammed it full of fuel and headed across the inlet to a well-known river with lots of sand. The weather was spectacular! Besides freezing my rear off because my sleeping bag wasn’t warm enough, we had a great time enjoying the mountains. The wolves howling at night was pretty neat too.


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Weekend Fall Flying

  • September 26, 2016

The weather has been pretty gnarly the last week or so and I haven’t been flying so it was great to get out yesterday with some friends.


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Chasing Rob up the Matanuska Glacier

  • September 6, 2016

I was looking through my videos from this summer and found a video of my brother and me chasing Rob up the Matanuska Glacier. It was a gorgeous summer afternoon, what could possibly be better than glacier flying? Seems like every time I turn around I’m saying this is the most fun I’ve had all summer, this was one of those days.

Landing your Superstol at the Beach House

  • September 6, 2016

A couple weekends ago Rob and I along with my brother and sis-inlaw were headed home from Montague island and we saw a sweet beach we wanted to check out. There was a beautiful beach house on the other side of a small river and Rob decided to go take a look. The Superstol is probably one of very few airplanes that have ever or could ever land there. Check it out.

Labor Day Weekend 

  • September 6, 2016

Long weekends are the best, they’re even better when you have a Superstol. A small group of us left Birchwood around 10am-ish and headed west. The weather Saturday morning was perfect but we knew it wasn’t going to last very long. After a little aerial tour around Big Lake we decided to check out the strip on the top of Mt. Susitna. Does anyone know what the buildings were used for up there? I’m asking because I don’t know. If I was going to guess I’d say possibly an old military radio station of some kind. Pretty cool stuff.

Lukas landed first in his Super Cub followed by Rob then me. We had a quartering tailwind so it felt a little fast to me but it all worked out just fine.


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Montague Island Deer Camping

  • August 31, 2016

My brother and I have been wanting to do some deer hunting on Montague Island down in Prince William Sound for a while now so we decided that now was a good time. We invited Robby to go along and he graciously helped flying gear and people around. Rob and I flew from Birchwood to Seward and met my brother who drove his truck down with more gear. With a cabin reserved on the island we were pretty much “glamping”, airplane style.


The airplanes were loaded up and we headed out into some of the most spectacular country you can imagine. After landing on the beach and unloading our gear we decided to explore the island a bit. Montague is 40 something miles long so we had lots a space to explore. We decided to find a few places up high above the tree line to glass for deer. The Superstols make getting into rough high alpine very doable. I was flying the entire weekend with my brother and his hunting gear in my airplane so I wouldn’t say I was light and the Superstol performed excellent!


This was our first landing spot. We saw a handful to deer here but no shooters. It’s amazing how many deer are on this island.


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Knik River with friends

  • August 25, 2016

Robby had some friends up from NC so he asked if I’d like to help show them around this evening. The wind was flat calm so we headed up Knik hoping the crud wasn’t too low, it was just high enough to let us out over the glacier for a quick look. We stopped a few places to get out and look around. I was impressed with how much colder it was up close to the glacier tonight. It had to be at least 20 colder than a couple miles down stream.


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The Shortening 

  • August 14, 2016

I had some time last weekend to go play in the wind up the river.

It was blowing maybe 18-20 mph so slowed me down quite a bit. Most of my landings were consistently 20′ or less, I did have a couple 10-12′ landings which is way more fun than it should be. It took me an hour to get comfortable in the wind, I figured if I don’t practice I’ll never learn. Learning how to fly this Superstol has been a ton of fun!


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Knik & Lake George 

  • July 14, 2016

Rob and I spent a couple hours playing around the mud strip near Lake George. I was practicing dragging my tail wheel the whole way up the strip without letting mains touch, fun and challenging. On the way home Rob found a nice runway on this gravel bar.


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Flying to Katmai

  • July 8, 2016

When you wanna see bear you have to go where they are, they’re in Katmai. Rob and his gf Kristi loaded the airplanes with our junk and wayyy too much food (thanks Kristi) and headed south. Rob wanted to look at Redoubt on the way south, it’s big and icy. You know how I know? I was there, looking right at it.


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