There are situations, particularly in remote regions where traditional airports are rare, when the ability to land an airplane in a very small space is critical. Read the rest
Then there are other situations where such landings are just fun. Just Aircraft’s Highlander typically arrives, or departs, while consuming 300 feet of ground or less. So it certainly qualifies for such STOL situations.
But for Troy Woodland, an airplane designer and partner in Just Aircraft, the current performance of the Highlander, even though it is very good, could be even better.
“Flying slow and landing slow is in right now,” Woodland said. “It’s been in for a lot of us for years. You know how it is, the Highlander has been great for years, but you get to a point where you just want to get slower.”

-Airventure News Article
According to Troy Woodland, most builders complete their Highlanders in 600 to 700 hours with an average investment of about $60,000. There are just more than 100 aircraft flying and 85 kits currently under construction around the world, a good number for a company whose advertising is word of mouth and via customer videos posted on YouTube.
I completed an airworthiness inspection on Mr. Sharp’s Escapade a few weeks ago and wanted to complement you and your company with a very nice airplane design. Glennis is very enthusiastic/satisfied with his aircraft and now has about 10-15 hrs of flight time with the Escapade. His craftsmanship is excellent and passed his inspection satisfactory. Although he is handicapped, building his Escapade was evidence that once you put your mind to achieve a goal, it can be done.

-Frank S.
I am Flying the 40 hours off of Bill Stoughtons Highlander for him. I am a 38 year pilot. I have well over 10,000 hours in everything from Helicopters to jets to Pitts and 1929 Fleet Bi planes. I may not give this one back!Read the rest
It’s one of the finest flying LSA planes I have ever Flown ( and I have flown a bunch of them! ). It is going to be a pleasure to teach Him to fly his plane. He has Floats for it, and I am a Seaplane instructor as well.
I had never flown one of your planes until last week. You have one hell of a fun machine.
Just thought you might like to hear from someone with no vested interest………….YET!

-Denise D
I’m just blown away. Ever since I have been dealing with Just Aircraft, I couldn’t’ have been more impressed with the group. Actually, my wife, Barb, and I met you at Oshkosh in ’07 and you gave us so much of your time. I have also dealt with Taima and what a wonderful gal she is. Troy was great. Read the rest
I have been watching the Forum ever since I knew that an Escapade/Highlander was going to be the plane, and I’m impressed with all the guys there too. The whole organization has a true feeling of a family. I’m glad to be a part of it.
After reading my posting on the Forum, I want to make sure that the term “cheesy” was only a pun as it looked like it should’ve come from Wisconsin and NOT that it was a cheap Just Aircraft part. Anyway, I only wanted to make sure that if I did need to be concerned about that that I would buy one from you guys. The fact that Just is sending me one is just beyond what one expects in today’s world.
Thanks so much. I’m becoming even more convinced that I must come and see the factory and see everyone. Say Hi to Taima, Troy and Jak as well.
Now, I know I shouldn’t be pushing my luck too much, but if you do know of any “major changes” since the early planes that are in the area of safety, I hope you’ll keep me posted.

I had absolutely no idea what I was in for with your DVD. It’s been like opening a door to a whole new approach to flying that I know I want to be a part of…just not to the extent that you’ve taken it. Read the rest
I’ve always thought that a plane should be more than something that you just hop from one airport to the other in. You’ve helped me confirm that this is the aircraft I’ve been looking for over the last 18 years. Time to hock the untouched dusty Super Koala(s) in my workshop and get on with the Highlander. As they say, “you can’t pour your heart into a compromise”.
Really well done video. REALLY great and exciting flying. Would like to keep in touch.

Exciting news today. Civil Aviation visited me today to have a look at the machine. To quote their remarks were statements of “absolutly gob smacked, amazing, this aircraft sets a new bench mark for other manufactures to try to follow. Read the rest
This aircraft will create a real stir in the light sport scene”. In other words they were extemely impressed with the Highlander and complemented both Grant and myself on the finishing job that we have done, but also the craftsmanship of the team at Just for producing such a profesionally well built kit. Pass this onto troy and the team.

Many thanks to you all, for such a great aircraft. In N.Z. to John Hood, and Michelle, for their hospitality, & Johns, : can do: attitude, & enthusiasm for flying his Highlander, and the Super Stol project. In spite of a very busy life, he makes it happen in N.Z. To the just aircraft team U.S.A. For the great design, Troy, for the financing and overall management at JustAircraft. Read the rest
To Jak & the factory team for a great build. You have all created exactly the aircraft I wanted. I am very happy with it & having lots of fun. As with any new project, there have been challenges,which have taken time, & with hindsight, will be sorted, faster in future. The end result has been well worth waiting for. Finally thanks to Grant Couldicot [engineering N.Z.] & again John Hood, for their perseverance ,to get it right, and even deliver it to me at Taupo. I am having fun. All the best,

Rod Milne
I’m just blown away. Ever since I have been dealing with Just Aircraft, I couldn’t’ have been more impressed with the group. Actually, my wife, Barb, and I met you at Oshkosh in ’07 and you gave us so much of your time. I have also dealt with Taima and what a wonderful gal she is. Troy was great.