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Superstol Quote: Includes everything to build a complete airplane to firewall forward & painting. Features include:

·         Matco hydraulic disc toe brakes

·         Elevator with manual trim & linkage

·         Push button flap handle

·         Streamline struts

·         Seat Harnesses

·         Aluminum turtledeck

·         Fabric & fabric adhesive

·         Structural adhesive

·         Embroidered seat cushions.

·         Upgraded E Series Matco Wheels and Brakes

·         Large Elevator/Rudder Combination (Balanced)

·         Gull Style Doors/Windows

.         Slatted Wing Flaps and Ailerons

(includes 13.5 gallon tanks)

.         Shock Absorber landing Gear Includes

21″ Tires & Extreme Brakes (Dual Caliper)

Superstol Firewall Back Subtotal $41,700.00

Wing Build Options

Stage 1 – Quick Build – Assemble ribs, spars and drag tubes and set to fuselage $1500.00
Stage 2 – Includes Stage 1 and Leading edge and Slat assembly $2500.00
Stage 3 – Wings Only Ready to Cover $5440.00
Alondine Wing Ribs (corrosion inhibitor) $500.00
Powder Coat $1200.00


Firewall Forward

Cowling – Rotax 912 (Rotax 914 – $1100.00) $950.00
Motor Mount 912 (Rotax 914 Motor Mount – $900.00) $750.00


Engine Options:

Rotax 912ULS 100HP (Engine w/Firewall Forward including Kiev #293 Prop & Exhaust) $28,204.00¹
Rotax 914UL 115HP (Engine w/Firewall Forward including Kiev#293 Prop & Exhaust) $40,153.00¹
UL 520 i.s – 200HP Engine w/Firewall Forward including Catto Prop and Exhaust $42,504.00¹
Lycoming 0320 & 0200 – 160HP TBD
Stretch XL Model SuperStol (Must be used for heavier Engine) $2,600.00


Other Options: (See Options List)

Avionics TBD
Shipment Preparation for Customer Pick Up $400.00
Crating for truck shipment $900.00
Freight Charges Please Inquire


¹Due to foreign currency fluctuations prices may change at time of purchase.
Payment Schedule

·         50% down with the order. The balance is due two weeks prior to shipping.

·         Payment on the Engine is not due until required by the customer at a later date when ready for assembly.

For Financing:

EAA Finance Solutions 1-800-999-3712

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