The plane that started it all:

Unique Features

  • Folding Wings
    • under 2 minutes
    • no disconnecting of controls or control surfaces
  • Two-Person, Side-by-Side
    • Dual Control
  • Nose Wheel or Tail Wheel
    • once initially installed, swap between configurations in about 1 hour with
    • standard nose wheel gear only*
  • Aluminum Fuel Tanks
  • Larger than Normal Baggage Compartment: over 30 cu. ft.
    • Haul everything you need and sleep inside
  • Larger than Normal Cabin:  44″ Wide with lots of head room
    • Adjustable Seats
  • Engine Weight Range:  up to 200 lb. (Rotax 503, Rotax 912, Rotax 914)
  • High quality Materials
    • 4130 Chrome-moly steel
      • Fuselage
      • Tail Feathers
      • Landing Gear
  • Passed world wide recognized standards:
    • UK Section S Static & Flight Testing Certification Requirements

Standard Nose Wheel Escapade Kit:

Includes everything to build a complete airplane firewall back (paint, engine, and avionics not included)

Escapade Price: $31,900.00

We offer engine installation kits for the Rotax 912/914.

Charlies first flight Building and flying the Escapade for the first time.

Escapade by Just Aircraft, LLC Escapade demo video.

The Escapade

The Escapade has been developed to meet the demand for a two place side-by-side dual control (individual stick controls) aircraft that can be used for training as well as recreation. The Fuselage, tail and landing gear are manufactured from 4130 Chrome-moly steel. The original Escapade earned the United Kingdom’s BCAR (British Civil Aviation Requirement) Section S structural – and flight – test standards.

The Escapade has been through UK Section S static testing certification requirements and flight-testing certification requirements. The Escapade can be installed with any power plants in the weight range of the Rotax 912/914.

Our customers are our salesmen out there. Without them we wouldn’t even be here.” – Troy Woodland, Design Engineer. | Source

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