Company History

About Just Aircraft:

Just Aircraft is an aircraft manufacturer in Walhalla, South Carolina USA.  Specializing in the design of Light/Experimental Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) aircraft in the form of kits for amateur construction and complete ready-to-fly experimental amateur -built aircraft. Kits can be built to meet the light-sport aircraft standards.

Just Aircraft offers 4 models of two-seat (side-by-side), high-wing, single engine aircraft: Escapade, Highlander, SuperSTOL, & SuperSTOL XL; all robustly built with remarkable STOL performance.


Just Aircraft was founded in 2002 by Troy Woodland. With the desire to build his own airplane, Troy left his position at Flying K Enterprises; manufacturer of the Sky Raider kit. Gary Schmitt  met Troy at an air show and they discovered that they both wanted a plane with the same features. Together, aircraft designer Troy Woodland, with the backing of Gary Schmitt, collaborated on the design of the Escapade.


The plane that started it all:

The Escapade has a number of features that distinguish it from other airplanes of similar size :

  • Folding Wings
    • under 2 minutes
    • no disconnecting of controls or control surfaces
  • Two-Person, Side-by-Side
    • Dual Control
  • Nose Wheel or Tail Wheel
    • once initially installed, swap between configurations in about 1 hour
  • Aluminum Fuel Tanks
  • Larger than Normal Baggage Compartment:
    • over 30 cu. ft.
    • Haul everything you need and sleep inside
  • Larger than Normal Cabin:
    • 44″ Wide with lots of head room
    • Adjustable Seats
  • Engine Weight Range:  up to 200 lb.
    • Example: Rotax 503, Rotax 912, Rotax 914
    • Call 864-718-0320 to see if your engine will work
  • High quality Materials
    • 4130 Chrome-moly steel
      • Fuselage
      • Tail Feathers
      • Landing Gear
  • Passed worldwide recognized standards:
    • UK Section S Static & Flight Testing Certification Requirements


The Bush Plane version of the Escapade:

With the success of the Escapade, a more rugged version was designed. The Highlander debuted at Arlington in 2004.  This back-country capable Highlander quickly emerged as a shining star for Just Aircraft – the bush plane they always wanted:

  • Longer Wings
    • also incorporating VG’s
  • Larger Tail Feathers
    • Balanced Elevator and Rudder
  • Taller – Heavier Landing Gear
  • Tundra Tires / 29-31″ Bush Wheels

In 2004, the company relocated to Walhalla, South Carolina , into a large production facility with its own runway. This was a time of serious growth for Just Aircraft. By 2013 the Highlander outsold the Escapade line by 10:1, with about one third of sales being outside the US.


Superior STOL performance: 

Troy went back to the drawing board and in 2013, the Just SuperSTOL was released.

  • Completely New Wing
    • All Aluminum Redesigned Airfoil
      • (Escapade and Highlander Models have wood ribs)
    • Leading Edge Slats
      • Automatic (Self-Deploying)
    • Spoilers
      • Integrated with Ailerons to Counteract Adverse Yaw
    • Stalling Speed 28 Knots
  • Completely New Landing Gear
    • Shock Suspension
      • 12 inches of travel
      • +4g landing capable

The SuperSTOL allows you to take off and land without the need for a runway. Such freedom opens up endless possibilities for adventure and off airport fun, or even your own backyard .

The SuperSTOL can be powered by the 100 hp Rotax 912 (approximately 165 pounds with accessories), or the 115 hp Rotax 914, (200 pounds).


More Horse Power:

2015 – Just Aircraft upsized its popular SuperSTOL airplane with the introduction of the XL. By adding two feet aft of the fuselage and six inches up-front, the kit airplane can now handle larger engines, such as the Lycoming engines weighing up to 315 pounds.

850+ kits have been shipped worldwide. Current sales are running about 70/30% domestic and export. In addition to selling kits, Just Aircraft offers customers a factory build program where they can construct their own plane in the factory, or the Company will build 100% of the plane in accordance to the customers specifications.

There are scenarios where you can hang the mains 4 or 5 feet off the ground, just drag her in, chop the power, just let her plop down with the brakes on, and just turn off,” Woodland said. “You can get the last 4 or 5 miles per hour out of it by hanging the tail and then just drop it in. You’re not hurting it.

– Troy Woodland, Design Engineer.