Company History

Just Aircraft was founded in 2002 when Aircraft designer Troy Woodland left his position at Flying K Enterprises, manufacturer of the Sky Raider kit . Troy wanted to design a plane of his own .He met Gary Schmitt at an air show and Gary wanted a plane with many of the current features of the Escapade.With Gary’s backing they collaberated on a design. The Escapade has a number of features that distinguish it from other airplanes of similar size . Troy and Gary quickly proved that the company was serious about making improvements on traditional designs: primarily a huge luggage compartment, a more roomy cabin , and a simplified wing-folding mechanism that avoids the need to remove control linkages.
Soon after the Escapade came the Highlander , a more rugged plane that quickly emerged as a shining star for Just Aircraft. This was the bush airplane they wanted all along. The Highlander Debuted at Arlington in 2004, and now dominates Just’s sales by ten-to-one aircrafts sold .
In 2004 the company relocated to Walhalla, South Carolina , into a state of the art production facility with its own runway. This was a time of serious growth for Just Aircraft, when materials buying and costs analysis became implemented, when marketing, accounting, and all other true “front office” needs of the growing company were founded. Walhalla has proven to be fruitful ground for this company.
To date Over 200 kits have been shipped worldwide: including Australia, England, France, Spain, New Zealand, Canada and Equador. Current sales are running about 70/30% domestic and export.
In addition to selling kits Just Aircraft offers customers a factory build program where they can construct their own plane in the factory, or theCompany will build 100% of the plane in accordance to the customers specifications.

There are scenarios where you can hang the mains 4 or 5 feet off the ground, just drag her in, chop the power, just let her plop down with the brakes on, and just turn off,” Woodland said. “You can get the last 4 or 5 miles per hour out of it by hanging the tail and then just drop it in. You’re not hurting it.

– Troy Woodland, Design Engineer.