Accessories and Options

Accessories and Options

Highlander Only Options

Description Price
Strobe Mounts (2) $110.00
Bungee Covers (2) $65.00
“Extreme” Gear Legs $1,500.00
Highlander Nose Wheel If changing from an existing tail dragger a different exhaust may also be required $1,900.00
Aluminum Leading Edge Wrap including special false ribs and 100 Extra V.G.’s Install (Including Tanks) (Not used in Slatted Wing) $425.00 $1400.00 installed
Grove Landing Gear $2700.00
E-Series Conversion Kit CNVBE5-D (Extreme Braking Power) (Included in Superstol) $275.00
Fabric Backing Plates 22pcs. “Cut-out” versus Blanks Not used in Slatted Wings $130.00
Flap Gap Seal $60.00

SuperStol ONLY

SuperStol Spoilers Increase roll control in gusty conditions at slow speeds $1,000.00 (Kit) $2,500.00 (Installed)

All Options

Description Price
Oil Access Door Kit $70.00
Strobe Lite Kit $795.00
Deluxe Interior Deluxe Carpet, Side Panels Firewall Baggage Area and Deluxe Seats $985.00
Cabin Heater $245.00
29″Alaska Bush Tires (26″ also available) $3,000.00/set
Lockable Tail Wheel $957.00
Travel Struts (for Securing Folded Wings) $80.00
Tinted Windshield Doors and Windows $280.00
Vortex Generators Highlander 100 @ $150.00 SuperStol 300 @ $400.00
Camlocks for Cowling and Turtle Deck $180.00
Parking Brake Kit $285.00 $600.00 installed
S.S. Tabs (12) $60.00
Beringer Brakes / Wheels (Dark Gray) $3120.00
Beringer Parking Brake Kit $380.00
Colored Powder Coat $1,000.00
Rear Side Windows Rear Side Windows Installed $120.00 $480.00
Floats / Amphibs Please inquire
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